Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Guatemala Fruit Jocotes

I bought some of these when traveling in Guatemala. They seemed to be for sale in a lot of the markets that I went through in Guatemala but never noticed them in the other countries in this part of the world. It may just be my timing and they were in season when I was in Guatemala.

I had someone write the name of the fruit down for me and then did an internet search prior to eating any. It said you could eat the peel but some people prefer to remove it. I tried it both ways but peeling it was too much work for me so ate most of them with the peel. There is a big seed in the middle so not a lot of meat. The peel is a bit bitter and the meat of the fruit has both a sour and sweet taste. The peel changes color I believe as it ripens and also seems to become sweeter. The green where the most sour and the yellow and red ones were sweeter.

The fruit is in the same family as the cashew.

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