Saturday, July 26, 2014


I have tried to do something new for me to show how I spent 4 days in the village of lower Omalo in Tusheti.

The ride up the 4 wheel drive road to get to Tusheti was a fun experience but not for anyone that is scared of heights. The area is a national park in Georgia and is really only inhabited in the summer. The village behind me in the video is Shenaqo. Sorry the video does not capture the snow cover mountains in the distance and also for the abrupt ending to the video but still hope you enjoy.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday's Face-Tusheti, Georgia

For the drive up to Tusheti we had a wonderful clear and sunny day but it rained the night before I left and the ride back down was misty and cloud covered. I really enjoyed the contrast of the 2 different days and all of the faces this week are from the drive down.

The first is the driver we had for the ride down. He stopped a lot more than we did for the ride up which I really enjoyed. One of reasons was the engine seemed to be running a bit warm so he would add water and let it cool off at times.

On the way up the pass we meet another jeep coming down and we stopped and were passed a shovel. I was happy that we did not have to use it but we returned it to the gentleman in the photo below at one of our stops. It is my understanding that this man is responsible for the maintenance of a section of the road.

The last stop just before reaching the main road was because my fellow passengers wanted to buy some honey. This is the beekeeper that sold them their honey.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday's Face-Tusheti, Georgia

Friday I was in the town of Omalo in the national park called Tusheti. The town did not have any internet but the guesthouse I stayed in did have 2 adorable children. The little girl is 3 years old and she just seemed so expressive and cute to me.

The boy was 2 years old and this is him playing in the box all of his toys use to be in.

These 2 boys rode past me when I was taking a much needed break from walking.

I thought I should include at least one picture of the nature that made Tusheti such a wonderful place to visit and somewhere I would really recommend to anyone.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday's Face-Vardzia, Georgia

I do not usually use a picture of myself on this weekly series but I did not seem to have a good face picture this week other than this one.

After walking around the caves of Vardzia in the picture below I sat down with some other tourist and some Georgians. The Georgians are very nice and generous but be careful if you drink with them. My glass just kept filling up by magic and my memory of having this picture taken is a bit blurry.