Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eating a Sugar Apple in San Salvador

Catedral Metropolitana and Plaza Barrios

While walking around in San Salvador, El Salvador today I decided to buy the fruit I have been seeing for sale that I thought was new to me. Using my really bad Spanish I finally got the lady to understand that I wanted to know the name of the fruit and was not trying to get change from the price she had told me of $1. It is called Anona in Spanish.

The taste and outside appearance of Anona/Sugar Apple are really close to the fruits I know as Bullock Heart and Cherimoya. I have also seen on the internet that all 3 are called custard apples.

The inside of the of the sugar apple is a rose or pink color with big brown seeds where the other 2 types of custard apples that I tried where white inside with black seeds about half the size as in the sugar apple.

This the seeds that came out of the first half of the empty shell. I think I will be eating more of these it is really good.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Breaking a rule to buy Guaya Fruit

Back when I went to Agua Azul water falls in Mexico I broke one of my travel rules. I bought something from children. This is one of the rules I find hard to stick to when the kids and cute and charming. I am not always sure it is a good rule but I try to keep it just because I don't like the idea of parents using the children to make money.

Me at Agua Azul water falls

The 2 little girls where about to the top of where I walked and away from most of the tourist They had a fruit that I didn't think I had tried before. They let me try one and showed me how to peel it and eat it and told me the name of the fruit was Guaya. I ask later for someone to write the name of the fruit for me so I got the spelling correct.

I think the fruit is in the same family as the Rambutan, Lychee, and Longan which I first tasted all of in Southeast Asia. The fruit has a thin hard shell which you can just break with your thumb nail and peel. It has a thin layer of slightly orange or pink colored flesh that you eat with a large hard seed in the middle. The flesh is really attached to the seed so not as easy to eat as the other fruits that I think are similar. I also found it a lot sourer than the fruits I had tried before.

The above picture is of fruit shells and a seed or pit that I was ready to discard.

I don't really feel bad about breaking my rule this time but do wish I would have paid the 25 cents more they ask for rather than asking them to sell it to me cheaper.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Jicama the Fruity Root

I know it is strange for me to keep posting about fruit but it is something I enjoy and am amazed at all the different things you can eat but let me know if you are sick of me only posting about fruity things.

When leaving Guadalajara I bought a cup of fruit to eat on the bus and it was a mix of watermelon, pineapple, papaya and cucumbers but also a white fruit or vegetable that I was not sure of.

The chunks of white stuff had a sweet taste to it but a slight turnip flavor. It seemed a bit large to be a turnip and I had never tasted a root with such a sweetness. Later when I was walking around in Morelia I saw a vendor selling a thing that resembled a big lollipop but made out of some fruit. I bought one and he asked which topping I wanted on it and I point at one of the 4 choices I had to pick from and this is what I ate. Note the picture was taken after my first bite.

What I had eaten twice turned out to be Jicama. I like trying different fruits but I never would have expected something that looks like the following to have a sweetness to it and honestly I would have never bought it in the market based on it's appearance if I hadn't gotten it in my fruit cup.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Confusion between Sapodillas and Mamey Sapotes

I was walking through a market and thought I spotted another new fruit for me. It looked a lot like a potato but a bit more of the shape of an American Football. The vendor had some of the fruit cut open and it had an orange inside with a large dark brown seed in the middle. I asked the price and agreed to buy a kilo.

I was impressed with myself that I asked the price in Spanish and understood the answer but that was the limit of my Spanish. The vendor rapidly explained to me all the wonders that this fruit would provide it I ate it while drinking a lot of water or maybe it was that I should not eat it while drinking water. Water was the only word I understood.

I did manage to ask him the name of the fruit and got him to understand. He told me the name and then launched into a rapid fire bit of additional information that I really needed to know. By the time he stopped talking I could not even remember my own name let alone the name of the fruit.

I was really surprised with I got back home and cut into these and found that they were not same orange color with a big seed in the middle. They had some orange but were mostly white and pink with small seeds. I cut 2 in half and I believe one was ripe where it was really soft and had a wonderful sweet sugary taste. The other one was hard and had a really bitter taste.

Looking back on it I think he tried to ask me which type of fruit I wanted but all I answered with was yes. He also did show me that some were softer than others and I assume now he meant that I should wait before trying to eat the hard ones.

I spent a bit of time searching on the internet and trying to recall the name he told me. I came up with the name Sapodillas and am pretty sure that is their name.

The name rang a bell with me so I went to my webpage of fruits I have tried and sure enough I have eaten Sapodillas before in Thailand. I think it may be a slightly different type of Sapodilla but still really similar.

A couple of days later I hit another market and this time got the orange fruit with the big brown seed. I have found out it is called a Mamey Sapotes and also should be eaten when it is soft.

I thought this fruit had a slightly cantaloupe flavor to it but it just may be the outside of the fruit felt like a cantaloupe to me so it was on my mind. I did enjoy this fruit and honestly I enjoy the whole process of buying stuff I don't know what I am buying or how you are suppose to eat it.

My little fruity adventures.