Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eating a Sugar Apple in San Salvador

Catedral Metropolitana and Plaza Barrios

While walking around in San Salvador, El Salvador today I decided to buy the fruit I have been seeing for sale that I thought was new to me. Using my really bad Spanish I finally got the lady to understand that I wanted to know the name of the fruit and was not trying to get change from the price she had told me of $1. It is called Anona in Spanish.

The taste and outside appearance of Anona/Sugar Apple are really close to the fruits I know as Bullock Heart and Cherimoya. I have also seen on the internet that all 3 are called custard apples.

The inside of the of the sugar apple is a rose or pink color with big brown seeds where the other 2 types of custard apples that I tried where white inside with black seeds about half the size as in the sugar apple.

This the seeds that came out of the first half of the empty shell. I think I will be eating more of these it is really good.

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