Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Breaking a rule to buy Guaya Fruit

Back when I went to Agua Azul water falls in Mexico I broke one of my travel rules. I bought something from children. This is one of the rules I find hard to stick to when the kids and cute and charming. I am not always sure it is a good rule but I try to keep it just because I don't like the idea of parents using the children to make money.

Me at Agua Azul water falls

The 2 little girls where about to the top of where I walked and away from most of the tourist They had a fruit that I didn't think I had tried before. They let me try one and showed me how to peel it and eat it and told me the name of the fruit was Guaya. I ask later for someone to write the name of the fruit for me so I got the spelling correct.

I think the fruit is in the same family as the Rambutan, Lychee, and Longan which I first tasted all of in Southeast Asia. The fruit has a thin hard shell which you can just break with your thumb nail and peel. It has a thin layer of slightly orange or pink colored flesh that you eat with a large hard seed in the middle. The flesh is really attached to the seed so not as easy to eat as the other fruits that I think are similar. I also found it a lot sourer than the fruits I had tried before.

The above picture is of fruit shells and a seed or pit that I was ready to discard.

I don't really feel bad about breaking my rule this time but do wish I would have paid the 25 cents more they ask for rather than asking them to sell it to me cheaper.

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