Saturday, October 13, 2012


Sorry this is going to be a lazy post with just some pictures of Budapest. I read a few travel blogs and most of them seem to do a post on Budapest. A number of these bloggers make a living off of their travel blog and I am not sure there is much that I can say about this city that has not already been said.

The reason for my trip to Hungary was to meet friends in Budapest. I visited the city back in 2000 but have forgotten exactly what I did and didn't see. My friends had booked a guide so got a very good overview of the city and hit most of the cities highlights.

This is the Szechenyi Baths and it is a number of the one of many thermal baths in Hungary. The photo is taken behind the window and it is the closest I got to visiting one of these thermal baths. The tour guide told us that it is common in Hungary for people to get a prescriptions from their doctor to visit one of these baths. My doctor only gives me pills.

This is the Parliament from the Dome of St Stephen's Basilica.

These pictures are of the interior of the Parliament and the crown jewels.

While in the Parliament I asked a question about the type of political system that Hungary has. I received a lot more information than I was really looking for but I believe it is government of a coalition of parties. I also now know everything that is wrong with the current government in Hungary. I should know better than talk about politics but never seem to learn.

These pictures are from the hill close to the palace and I think they capture a little bit of what is so special about Budapest.

These pictures are from the great market and was impressed with all the different variety of peppers that I saw in Hungary and this was a type of squash that I don't think I had seen before. I saw the same type of squash within a week of returning to Holland so now I don't know maybe these are really common and I just look at things different when I travel.

This brings an end to my week in Hungary. The highlight of the trip for me was catching up with my friends Dave and Maggie just wish the following picture would have turned out a bit better.

Thanks for reading and goodbye until Christmas for my trip to Nice and Monte Carlo.

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