Thursday, December 20, 2012

France the land of Magic

I have been to France a few time but I never recall noticing how magical this country is.

I walk into a cafe and ask for a coffee and croissant and waalaa. Maybe it is should be spelled "vwah-lah or voila".

I walk into a train station and ask for a ticket to where I want to go and waalaa.

When ever I ordered something or paid for something and got change I would hear waalaa. I just found it really funny and thought it was magic that I got what I wanted or received the correct change.

Looking it up online waalaa is used in French to sort of say "there it is" or "here you go" but something hasn't stuck me as this funny since I heard a 4 year old Dutch boy look up at his mother and say "Yea Whore"(ja hoor).

Belated Seasons Greeting from the land of Magic.


  1. That's a spectalur photo Keith...and I always thought voila had magical connitation too, just like hey presto!!! ;)

    1. Snap, Thanks for reading and I am a bit foolish but enjoy my my own stupidity when it comes to languages. I think it sounds like Texas at times when Thai's say 25 and drop off the sip. Yeehaw.