Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Justify my Beer

I am not the best at planning for my holidays and really just like to get an idea of what I want to try and see and then go with the flow from there. I had a part of a day without something specific planned so glanced through my guide books and found the Serbian Orthodox Church in Rackeve. The church seemed to be interesting and was on the way to Budapest where I needed to be the following day so was chosen as quest of the day.

Above are the pictures of the church. It dates back to 1487 and frescoes on the wall made the journey worthwhile. I had a good day of driving around and making as many wrong turns as right ones. I had to adjust my planned route a number of times after finding out I had missed a turn. I went down a number of really small roads and through little bitty country villages. I also had to go across on a ferry that I was not expecting and worried a bit about driving off of and drowning in the Danube.

When I made it to Rackeve I did not have a clue where the church would be. I assumed it would not be hard to find and there would have to be signs giving directions everywhere. I parked next to the first steeple I came to in the center and assumed it was the destination of my quest but sadly I was disappointed when I found it closed.

I wondered through the town by the city hall building pictured below and then across the river.

I found a map of points of interest and it had the 2nd site that my guidebook talked about the country mansion of Price Eugene. This mansion is now a hotel and I made a point of looking at as I was leaving Rackeve. I was surprised that this map did not seem to identify my desired destination.

I had a seat by the river and thought my days journey may not be fulfilled when I noticed another steeple in the town center. This is the way I found the oldest building in the town of Rackeve and the church of my desires. I am sure if I found someone that spoke English or I just pointed to the picture in the guide book I would have found the church with no problem. I disregard this though as I stood alone in the church admiring the wall paintings and told myself that this is an achievement that few have successfully completed. I have accomplished my mission and I should reward myself with copious amount of ale upon my arrival in Budapest. My time in Budapest was spent reveling in my glory and enjoying the benefits of my labors. I will use any excuse to justify my beer.

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