Thursday, April 26, 2012

Toddy Palm

I always really enjoy the fruit in Southeast Asia and am surprise that each time I go to Thailand there is something that I have never tried before. On this recent trip I tried 2 new types of fruit. One I had read about before on another blog called Nipa Palm. I did not take a picture of this fruit so you will have to go to the link or do a search if you want to see a picture. The fruit was in a sort of sugar water and I seemed to only taste the sweet water and the fruit did not seem to have much taste. I was not that impressed with this fruit but it was still fun trying something new.

The other fruit that was new to me has the English name of Toddy Palm.

I have not seen this fruit in the shell but only like the above picture with a light tan outside skin and then white in the center. It is my understanding that it looks similar to small coconut on the plant. I tasted the fruit the first time with the tan skin on and it was rather bitter and I did not like it at all. Na (my girlfriend) told me it is better without the skin and peeled one for me. I tried this and it did not have the bitter flavor but like the Nipa Palm it seemed to not have a lot of flavor. One that I ate also had a liquid in the center but it seemed to just be water.

This is Na peeling or skinning the fruit. Hard at work all for my enjoyment.

This is not a picture of new fruit to me but from my office after returning from vacation. At work we take turns bringing in a cake. The idea is to bring in something homemade from your home country. We have a real international mix of people and it is interesting trying the different things people bring in. I am not much of a cook and hate it when it is my turn. I decided to try and bring some fruit back from Thailand that are not very common in Holland. It turned out really well with a lot of people enjoying the fruit and got me out of trying to bake something.

The fruit was around 7.7 pounds 3.5 kilos in my carry on. In the back are Duku small brown and has a citrus taste, and you eat the white inside. Rambutan red and spiky looking and taste like a lychee, again eat the white inside but the spikes are soft and easy to peel. Mangosteen that is purple or black outside and you eat the white inside. It is super sweet and what you eat looks like a clove of garlic. In the front was a little bit of Guava, green and it was really good. It is a hard fruit like an apple but it did not travel well and was sort of soft and mushy but was a lot sweeter than I am use to with Guava. The guava was really really good and disappeared fast. The last red fruit is called a rose apple.


  1. Trying new foods is always on the top of our list when we're travelling...and at home. While we were in Chiang Mai I found something called Palm Heart Puffs, made from Toddy Palm seeds. Very colourful!

    1. I recall reading your post but for some reason did not association it with this fruit. I don’t think I have seen those puffs and I don’t think the stuff I ate was the heart so maybe it is something completely different.

      I have always tried to try the local foods when traveling but with having a Thai girlfriend I do a lot better job of it in Thailand. I found it also a lot easier to do in a lot of Asia due to the amount of street food and the low cost. Eating in Europe can get expensive and I rely a lot on the guidebooks for what local food is and at times am letdown. I don’t think I really got a good feeling for what Cambodian food is but enjoyed your recent post on your experiences.

  2. I've only seen a little of Europe, if the Mediterranean counts? Apart from a fairly cheap fly/cruise package, we paid to stay in an aprartment with a kitchen and laundry, for a few days. So glad we did, we cooked more meals than we bought due to the cost.

    Cambodian food is generally similar to Thai...or the other way around ;)