Friday, April 27, 2012

Travelers Beware

If you are visiting Thailand in the month of April you really need to be on your guard. The land is full of these marauding hordes that are ready to ambush any unsuspecting person at the first opportunity. These groups may be small in size but they are armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry so defend yourself at all cost.

This group of ruthless wariors did befriend me long enough to allow me to have my picture taken with them. Little did I know that this was only a brief sease fire for them to regain their strength and reload their weapons and once again I was covered in wave after wave of overwelmeing attacks.

I was in a small village for Songkran which is the Thai new year and a huge water fight. There is also a religious meaning to Songkran and a lot of Thais were visiting temples but for a stupid tourist like me it was just a lot of fun.

I have read a lot of good post recently on Songkran and I am a bit late in posting this so will just keep it short. I only got a couple of pictures before my camera stopped working so not a lot of photos to post.

This is my second time to have the pleasure of celebrating Songkran and this is my first post in Krabi from 4 years ago.

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