Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bangkok Ferries

My last post of tuk tuks said is the one type I avoid and today’s post on the type of transport I will take just to go for the ride. The boats in Bangkok that run down the Mae Nam Chao Phraya are wonderful. If you take it you have to be quick to get on and off and it is good to keep track at which stop you are at and be ready to get off or you may just miss your stop. The tourist boat that runs some of the same route is also great and more room on the boat as well as a more casual approach to the stops.

The tourist boat also had a bit of a guide talking about each of the stops and what you could see from the boat but honestly I found the lady this week really hard to understand but was nice to have the extra room on the boat.

I have paid 15 Baht for the normal ferry and 30 Baht for the tourist boat this week.

The next photo is of one of the cross river ferries. I have used these a number of times but other than the one to Wat Arun I do not think they are used by a lot by tourist. One guy just about tackled me when I was going on one at Chinatown he was just sure I wanted the normal ferry and not the cross river one. They also only collect the fee for the boat on one side so you may not have to pay until exiting but have your 3 baht ready.

I have not figured out the other public boats around Bangkok. There use to be one running from where I was staying at Dao Khanong to the BTS that ran on work days during rush hour. I used it a few times and it really saved a lot of time and headaches of the traffic jams but it does not seem to be running this time when I was in Bangkok.

This photo is not a public boat but I thought I would go ahead and post it.


  1. Very interesting.

    1. Getting around in Bangkok by boat is the best way to travel. Just wish they had more routes.