Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bangkok Buses

I wonder if you took a different bus route in Bangkok every day if you would complete every route within a year. The Bangkok buses are amazing to me. I have learned a little bit about them but things have changed since I spent months in Bangkok and I have also forgotten a lot.

A red bus is without AC and I think it has a flat rate fare. This means you can just get on some of these and see where it goes if you want to take a ride. The orange busses have AC and the charge is based on where you are going. This means you have to know where the bus is going so you can tell the person taking the money and also how to pronounce the place well enough for them to understand you. I have problems with this and never think in advance to have the place written down.

I don’t know what Yellow or Pick means. I think the yellow may just be the new AC buses but I took a white bus this week that was a new version or a route that a Orange AC bus use to go on so I am just confused now.

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