Monday, July 6, 2009

Tree Tomato

I was watching TV and there was a travel program where the host was trying a piece of fruit that I thought I had tried while traveling. They said the name of this fruit was a Tree Tomato.

The program was over Taiwan but I tried this fruit in Indonesia. I did a search on the web and found some info about it on Wikipedia. Funny they don't list Taiwan as one the countries where it is grown but do say it is also grown in the US. It doesn't say where in the US but I would guess it is one of the warmer states.

Even though I did not think it tasted anything like a Tomato I was happy to discover the name of another piece of fruit I tried.


  1. I found it a bit sour and the place I was staying at suggested that I put sugar on it.

  2. don't think i will try tree tomato this is a friend of mines blog

  3. does unc Dell look at this? write something I don't have much to do so tell what your doing

  4. Been awhile since I checked out your blog. Good thing I checked it out as a couple of new entries. Been on stage at any more concerts? Can't knock a free beer!