Monday, April 13, 2009

Skyline Drive

On Monday Maggie drove me to Shenandoah National Park and down the road that is called Skyline Drive. I think I have been through Shenandoah park back with I was about 16 years old and went on vacation with my parents to visit Washington DC. Even thought I have lived in the Northern Virginian area 2 other times I never made it back to the park. It was a really nice drive stopping often to enjoy the views. The day was not as nice as the day before being rather overcast and I think skyline drive may be a little bit higher because there did not seem to be any trees in bloom.

At one of the stopped we made there was a sign that said something about a viewpoint in 600 yards down a trail and we decided to give it a look. It was a nice view and the short walk got my heart pounding a little bit so a few miles future down the road we decided to walk down to a waterfall. It was a bit of a longer walk than the one to get to the viewpoint and the waterfall was not really spectacular but was still nice to see.

The walk back to the car was a real workout and for some reason Maggie refused to carry me. On the walk up the hill Maggie spotted some wild turkeys. I don’t think I have ever seen turkeys in the wild before so I thought this was a really special treat. Even thought it may have not been the best time to visit the park at least I have seen it again and it made for a really enjoyable day out.

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