Sunday, April 12, 2009


The flight to DC was painless. After all the bus rides during this trip a plane is such a pleasurable experience.

I have lived in the DC Area a couple of times but there are still a number of tourist sites I never have visited. There are so many things in this area to see and do and when I was living here I figured I would get to them at some point but had better things to do at the moment. This is good because it gives me a good excuse to visit my friends and also be a tourist. The down side is I don’t really want to rent a car and a lot of the things that I am interested in seeing are not accessible by public transport.

Maggie was nice enough to take some time off while I am visiting and play tourist with me. We took a day and drove out to Monticello, which was Thomas Jefferson’s home. It is a really pretty building and I can now say I have seen the house on the back on the nickel.

I think I enjoyed the scenery on the drive to get to Monticello and the grounds more than the house itself. The day was bright and sunny and a lot of trees were blooming. The grounds had a large number of tulips in bloom as well as other flowers that I have no idea of the name of. We joined the tour of the garden, which I found interesting even if I am not into gardening. One fact I found strange is they 35 gardeners but only 3 beagles to keep the deer away from the flowers and the garden.

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