Wednesday, April 15, 2009

District of Columbia

A couple of days when I was in the DC area I went into the city. Dave was nice enough to drive me into a bus station near his work where I could catch a bus to downtown. I could have caught a bus to the metro and then taken that in but since the bus only made 2 stops and was cheaper than the metro I figure it was the way to go. It was an ok commute but not sure I could deal with a 2 hour commute every day if I worked in Downtown DC.

The first day I went into town I stopped by the Ford Theater and stood in line to get a ticket and was surprise that the line was so long. With so many things to do in DC I did not think this would be high on others list of sites to see and it is one of those places that I have never visited in DC. It turns out the day that I went was the anniversary of the day Lincoln was shot April 14. I guess if I would have memorized my historical dates while in school the crowd would not have surprised me. I returned to the Theater prior to my ticket entry time and stood in line until we were let in. They had a brief skit about the day that Lincoln was shot. It was 4 people recalling their memories of the day. This is a picture of the booth Lincoln was in when he was shot.

I also visited the house where Lincoln died after going to the Theater and don’t think it was worth the wait to get in but heard the house had been a lot busier than normal due to the anniversary.

I also visited the World War II Memorial that was been built since I have lived in the area. It is an interesting memorial but I think I may have expected more for some reason. When I arrived at the memorial there was a band playing and I really enjoyed listing to the different patriotic songs while at the memorial.

I also just wonder around a bit looking at the different memorials and the while house. It was a bit rainy and cold so not the best day to be site seeing outside.

The other day I went downtown was a wonderful day for walking. The sun was shinning and it was rather warm. I toke the bus to Roselyn and then walked across the Key bridge into Georgetown. When I had been looking at the national parks page I had seen the C & O canal (Chesapeake & Ohio) and had never visited it in so decided today was the day. I walk along the path next to the canal for a bit with the great weather it was a really enjoyable thing to do. Here is a picture of the canal as it goes through Georgetown.

When walking on the path I saw these 2 trees just full of birds. I don’t know with all the trees around why it was these 2 trees that the birds seem to pick to rest on but these trees where loaded. I also have no idea of what kind of birds they are so will just call them Potomac Eagles.

I walked to a place called Fletchers Cove. There were a lot of people fishing in this area. I just took a seat at one of the picnic tables watched the fisherman and enjoyed the sunshine until it was time to be heading back to Virginia.

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  1. Yes, I'm still reading. Got way behind but caught up now. Know I have told you before but again, you do take great pictures.