Friday, April 17, 2009


Maggie and I decided to go to Annapolis on the other day she took off from work. I have never been to Annapolis and Maggie likes the town and had not visited the Maryland State capital. It seemed like a good choice of something different for both of us so we started by visiting the capital. This is a picture of the room used for the house of representatives/congress.

I was thinking while here does anyone know who their state representative or senator is? I have at times known the name of my senator or representative in Washington but I don’t think I have ever known anyone’s name at the state level.

After a good lunch we spent the afternoon walking around in the Naval Academy. I found a number of the buildings impressive and enjoyed the memorial hall. Here is one of the pictures I took while at the Naval Academy.

I enjoyed my day in Annapolis but also seem to enjoy time with Dave and Maggie. They are really good friends and they don’t even mind putting up with me when I come to the DC area. Where is a picture of Dave and Maggie, don’t they make a cute couple.

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