Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home in Holland

Just a quick note to let anyone know who is still reading this blog I have returned to Holland. I rented an apartment in the area of Amsterdam known as the Pijp. I had only seen pictures of the apartment when agreeing to rent the place but was happy that it seems bigger than it looked in the pictures and it has worked out really well.

I went to get my bikes the day following my return to Holland. Even after setting in an open bike shed for a year in a half the bikes where in really good shape. I had to put some oil on the lock to be able to get the key to work but I was thrilled that they were still there and had not been scavenged for parts.

Since I am home and looking for work I am not sure the traveling Biervoormij blog is valid any longer. I think I may do an entry from time to time but for the most part this is the end of the story. I still feel this was a great decision to take a long time away from work and travel. I may have not made it to all the places I had at one time thought I might visit but I also saw and experienced a lot of things I never could have imagined. I am still a lover of travel and still have a lot of the world I want to experience. Maybe in 5 or 10 year I will take a long break to do this again.

Thanks to anyone that took the time to travel along with me via the blog. And you may want to thank my parents for being my blog editors and catching at least some of my big mistakes. I can’t really say I have enjoyed the writing of the blog but hopeful I will enjoy reading my bad writing in the future as a good reminder of my great experiences.

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