Monday, March 9, 2009

Where’s that darn Eagle

My parents managed to drag me out of bed one day and we headed out northeast of Denver to Barr Lake State Park. This is suppose to be home of some nesting bald eagles. We walked along the edge of the lake and went to an area that had a bunch of signs that said you could not enter because it was an eagle nesting area. They also had a piece of plastic pipe at one point that you could look through to spot the eagle’s nest. The nest had to be well over a mile away and I am not sure if I would have been able to see an eagle from that distance even if he was in the nest jumping up and down and blowing me kisses.

We did see a huge number of geese on the lake. They sure make a lot of noise if they decide to take off or land. Here is the only picture I took of the geese on the lake and not really easy to see the geese.

We did walk up on 3 deer grazing along the lake and saw a few hawks flying through the sky. We also saw a really attractive woodpecker. We walked out a walkway to a gazebo type of thing above the lake. Here is a picture of my parents on the walkway.

I did see a large bird setting on a branch a ways away and looked at the bird through my dad’s binoculars and figured it was a hawk. When we walked past the visitor’s center before leaving they had a picture of an immature eagle and I decided this was what I saw.

When we were leaving the park my parents spotted a bird from the car that they said was a falcon. I am not really sure what a falcon looks like so to me it is was just another eagle but this one was not pouting or acting immature at all.

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