Thursday, March 5, 2009

A walk in the Park

After returning from Texas and applying for a new passport I returned to my lazy lifestyle. My parents have managed to drag me out of the house a few times to go to state parks. We went to Roxborough state park that is within a 30 minute drive of my parent's house. My father and I walked the Fountain Valley trial and walked up to Lyons Overlook. I was hoping to see a mountain lion but only saw a couple of birds on the walk. Here is one of the pictures I took during the walk.

About a week or so later my sister and her husband (Donna & Eric) had to come to Colorado and we decided it would be nice to take another walk in the park. We all got in the car and headed back out to Roxborough. We walked a different trail this time that was call the South Rim. I think it was a lot harder walk than the first one but I made the 3 mile loop without dying somehow. Here is Eric, Dad and Donna at the top of the trail.

Again did not see a lion but did see some birds. I guess we need to bring a dog along next time as mountain lion bait.

One more picture this is one of those pictures where I take a number of them and then stick it together.

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