Friday, February 20, 2009

The Traveling Lone Ranger/Not this time

Well I have had a nice long break from writing a blog entry but thought I give a short update just in case anyone was checking my blog. I am going to post date this just to confuse you.

I made it to the airport in Hawaii and took the long flight to get Denver changing planes in Houston. It may be that I have waited so long to write about it but the flight did not really seem that bad.

I was happy to see my parents again and just be really lazy for a few days. After about a week at my parents we flew to Austin to visit my sister and brother in-law. It was really nice of my sister Donna and her husband Eric to put up with me for about a week. I think it was my parents that they wanted to see and just couldn’t get rid of me when I showed up with them. I also have to thank my niece Sam for allowing me to sleep in her room while she is working in New Jersey and New York.

One day while staying at my sister’s house we decide to visit the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco. It was an interesting museum that had a large number of exhibits on the history of the Texas Rangers and also information on the Rangers current roll in Texas law enforcement. Here is a picture of some of the good-looking people in my family for some reason I did not inherit any of the good looks.

After a good lunch we decided to visit the Dr. Pepper Museum. I found the museum interesting but would not recommend anyone visit this place. I was very disappointed that the Museum did not have any free samples. I have been to a few breweries and even a couple of distilleries and have gotten to do taste testing at all of them but not at Dr. Pepper. I have not had a Dr. Pepper since gong to the Museum. I hope this not giving free samples does not catch on but at least I had a few free beers and some Irish whiskey in the past. If I am going to get something for free I prefer beer and whiskey over Dr Pepper any day.

One of the things we wanted to do while in Texas was to make it up to Dallas to see a lot more of my family. It was really great to see everyone and get to catch up a little bit. It is hard to catch up in one day but at least I got to see most of them. It was a shame I did not get to see my cousin John but it was very nice of him and Cindy to allow us to use their house even if he could not get out of working. Here is a picture of my Uncle Calvin, Mother, Aunt Betty and sleeping Uncle Joe (One of my exciting travel stories strikes again).

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