Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No echo at Echo Lake

I have been in the Denver area for over a month now and have not been to the mountains. I decided I should at least take a drive up there since the weather has been so beautiful. My parents and me hopped in the car and headed over to 6th avenue and drove up the twisting and turning road along Clear Creek. This canyon is as pretty as I remember and I think this is a lot prettier drive up into the mountains than interstate 70. We than head up the road going to Mt Evan. The road up the mountain is still closed until the summer but was open to Echo Lake.

We stopped at Echo and just walked around the lake a little and a bit up into the trees. The lake was still frozen over and there was a lot of snow on the ground. Here is a picture of my dad around Echo Lake.

That picture was taken just a few minutes before my dad stepped on a sheet of ice and fell pretty hard on his butt. He had been talking about going for a slide but don’t think this was what he had in mind. Once I was sure he was OK I was upset at myself for not getting a picture when he was down and for some reason he refused to go back and do it again.

We drove south from Echo Lake through the mountains and drove back towards home following Bear Creek. It was a really nice day but I really enjoyed making it to the mountains even if it took me over a month to do it.

This is a picture I took on the drive towards home.

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