Friday, March 20, 2009

Castlewood Canyon State Park

Castlewood Canyon is another state park that is really close to Denver so we pick up my Aunt Cecil and headed out to the park close to Castle Rock. It is a really pretty place but from the landscape around it you would never expect it to be here. It is just a hole in the ground that seems to be in the middle of the prairie. I believe Eastern Colorado is part of the great plains and to me there is not a lot worth seeing in the great plains unless you like to look at wheat or corn fields.

Here is a picture of the canyon.

My dad and I took a 3 mile walk down into and through the canyon. It was a really nice walk but I was surprise to see some ice on the trail with the weather being as warm as it has been. The trail was a lot rockier than the trail we had walked in Roxborough park and I think a little bit more difficult. My Mom and Aunt suffered from the strong wind being on the brim of the canyon but Dad and I were in the canyon it was really nice. Here is a picture of my Dad along the trail.

Dad and I found our way out of the canyon and back to the car even though we both wanted to walk the wrong way. I guess we got a bit turned around in the canyon and we kept feeling the trail was going away from the parking lot but we stayed on the trail and it went right to where it was suppose to, go figure. We drove over to the platform that overlooked a bit of the canyon a little bit further down from where we walked and then headed home. This is the view from the overlook.

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