Saturday, November 1, 2008


I rode in a van full of tourist from Kalibukbuk to Kuta. Kuta is the biggest tourist spot in Bali and maybe Indonesia. It is a nice beach with tons of hotels, restaurants and bars around it. The beach has some nice surf and there is a mix of swimmers and surfers of different abilities. I spent the rest of my time in Indonesia playing in the surf, reading, swimming in the hotel pool and just being lazy. Here is a picture of the beach.

I have been in a number of these big tourist spots in Southeast Asia. I have noticed that I do not seem to blend in well with the other tourist but seem to always get into conversation with expats that are living in the location. I always find it interesting to learn information about their life living in the location and the cost of living there. I can sort of see myself being one of these guys in a number of years. I don’t really understand why they pick the one place and seem to stay there. I think if I was retired it would be nice to live in one place a year and then try a different place. Maybe it has to do with after going through the learning curve of a new place why throw it away and go through the learning curve all over again. Maybe someday I will see for myself.

Also while in Kuta I made it down to the beach a few days to watch the sunset.