Friday, December 26, 2008

Bad Days in Bangkok

I had booked a flight to Perth but had a couple of weeks before the flight so decided to spend the time in Bangkok visiting a friend. Shortly after arriving in Bangkok I seemed to get a bit sick. I had a fever and an upset stomach. This only lasted a couple of days and then I felt much better.

A few days later I seemed to have problems walking in a straight line. I also seemed to have problems with blurred vision and at times it was so bad I saw double. Those of you that really know my love for beer will be saying yea Keith so what is new you should just have not had those last few beers. The problem with this was I had not had the pleasure of the beer so staggering around not seeing clearly was not the pleasure that it normally is. After about a day and a half of this my voice went strange and I could not speak clearly. Yea this is another thing that happens with a few too many beers but without having drunk anything I thought it was time to visit a doctor. Off to the hospital I went.

To make a long story short I was admitted to a hospital and was found to have something called Miller Fisher. After about 2 weeks in 2 different hospitals I was released. This is something that can take a long time to recover from. I stayed in Bangkok as long as my visa would allow getting my strength back. While in the hospital I decided I should bring this trip to an end and to not visit Australia and New Zealand as I had planned.

Since I will just be lazy for the most part until I reach Amsterdam I think this may be my last post to the blog.

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