Monday, October 27, 2008

Fruit Feast

While I was riding around on the motorbike I past a number of stands selling fruit. I decided to stop and buy some and for some reason I got hooked and stopped 3 other times to buy different fruit. I ended up with a lot more fruit than I needed for one day but it was still fun.

From the above picture I assume everyone has tasted oranges and mangoes. One of the pieces of fruit that I had first tried in Malaysia was salak (not sure if that is spelled correct) or the English name I was told was snake fruit. I did not really like this the first time I tried it but I bought a few so kept eating. As I ate more I started to really enjoy it so tried it again in Indonesia and was hooked. It has a bitter sweet taste with the outside skin sort of like that of a snake. It also has a large really hard dark brown seed in the center that I should have included in the picture.

There were 2 types of fruit that I bought that I had not seen before. I have no idea of the names. This one I was told was better with sugar on it.

This is the other one that was new to me. I am not sure I really liked either of them but will have to try them again to see if they grow on me the way the snake fruit did.

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  1. It is good to eat lots of fruit. The one in the last picture didn't look especially good to me.