Sunday, October 26, 2008

Last Days on the Motorbike

From Bedugul I rode back to Kalibukbuk stopping at another of the GitGit waterfalls along the way. This is a picture of the 2nd set of waterfalls in this area that I have visited.

I checked back in the hotel in Kalibukbuk and rode down to a Pura Pulaki temple just for something to do to fill the day. The following morning I made the long ride all the way down to Ubud and back to Kalibukbuk.

I passed the volcano Gunung Batur on the way to reach Gunnung Kawi that is a number of shrines that are cut into a cliff face. I did not really find it that impressive of a site but the area was really pretty. I also enjoyed talking to a man about the rice along the stairway down to the shrine. He explained to me the higher rice was the more expensive rice and took a couple of months longer to grow. Here is another picture of rice.

After Gunnung Kawi I made my way to Goa Gajah which had a ancient fountain and a cave with the entrance being through the mouth of some mean looking creature.

I talked to a guy at Goa Gajah that was a owner of a guesthouse in Ubud and after talking a bit to him decided I would stop there for lunch and then took the long ride back to Kalibukbuk.

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  1. The waterfall and rice field pictures are very pretty. The entrance to the cave is different. Enjoy keeping up with your travels.