Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back to Bangkok via Koh Samui

I talked about having to return to Koh Samui in a previous post to retrieve my notebook. The trip back seemed to go a lot faster than the trip in the other direction. I was on a bus full of tourist this time so we did not stop at every small town on the way. I received my notebook and spent another day enjoying the beach here and then booked a ticket from the ferry and bus back to Bangkok.

I enjoyed the ferry ride back to Chumphon. The ocean is really beautiful. The bus from Chumphon to Bangkok was the best bus that I have been on in Thailand. The seats had a lot of room and the AC worked so well it was a bit cold.

Once in Bangkok I spent most of the time booking an airline ticket, exchanging books, checking up on email and figuring out how to get to the airport. I did spend one day doing a little bit of sight seeing. I visited the Royal Barges Museum and wondered a bit around Chinatown. While in Chinatown I bought a couple of types of fruit that I had not tasted yet. This is Rambutan which I liked but don’t know how to describe.

This is mangosteen which is really really sweet and something I can’t eat much of at one time.

Well time to move on to a new country. Next entry from Taiwan.

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