Friday, April 25, 2008

What counts as a country??

My notebook is up and running and I will be trying to fill in the blog for the last 2 months over the next few weeks or months. I thought I would post this since I am currently in Taiwan.

I have been keeping track of all the countries I have ever visited and was hoping to reach at least 1 country for each year of my life. I want to have been to at least 45 countries by the end of 2008.

I have reached my goal if I count some questionable places. I have now been to Hong Kong and Macau which are now considered to be part of China. I had to go through passport control when going between these different part of what is suppose to be the same country and all 3 have different money. I am now in Taiwan that is not recognized as a country by the US or the UN but the US has said they will come to Taiwan’s aid if China where ever to try and take control of it.

I also count England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales as 4 different countries but for the Olympics and the UN they are treated as one country the UK.

I guess I can count the countries any way I want since this is nothing more than a personal thing. Also I’m sure that Taiwan will be extremely impress to find out that Keith Johnson has officially recognized Taiwan as a country.

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