Thursday, April 17, 2008


One of the days I spent in Krabi I rented a motorbike and rode to a couple of beaches a little ways outside of the town. One of the beaches I visited was Ao Nang Beach and this was full of Thai tourist enjoying the days holiday that go along with the New Year.

The other beach that I went to I have no idea of the name. I just rode and saw a sign for a beach so followed the signs until I got there. This is the beach that I preferred near Krabi but most of that was just because it was more of a feeling that I had the beach all to myself. I was not completely alone there were a couple of what looked like very expensive hotels on the beach that had a few people at them and the beach was overrun with little crabs. I had left my camera in the motorbike so did not take any pictures here.

The area around Krabi is a lot like a number of places that I have visited with the hills that seem to erupt out of the ground.

One day I booked a tour to see Koh Phi Phi and some of the island in the area. It also included stopping at a couple of places to snorkel. It was really a great day out. I enjoyed seeing all the scenery of the island and the snorkeling was a lot of fun once I got use to using the thing to breath through.

We did not go onto the beach but went into the harbor that has the beach that was used in the film “The Beach”. At least this setting for the movies is on a island unlike the waterfall I saw a few weeks ago.

The boat was on its way back to Krabi and I became one of those stupid people I always laugh at. I was wearing a hat I had just bought the day before and the wind caught it and it blew into the ocean next to Koh Phi Phi. I was not happy to lose my new hat but I don’t think it was really new but a used hat that had been lost by someone before. If you ever happen to be in Krabi and see a stand selling used hat would you mind buying my 20 Bhat hat for me to lose again? This is what it looked like.

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