Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spoorwegmuseum/Train Museum Utrecht

I was going to a concert in Utrecht at Tivoli so decided to also see a museum in Utrecht that I had not visited. If I had time I was also going to visit my favorite museum in the Netherlands the (Musical Clock to Street Organ Museum/Speelklok tot Pierement) but will have to do that another time.

I had a really good time walking around looking at the different trains from different time periods. They also had a roller coaster type of ride that was a lot of fun and different video games in the trains. They had games where you were driving a train or working the tracks to put the right car on the right track. There were not many people around so I enjoyed playing some of the games and taking the ride.

After the museum I had a nice dinner and watched a little bit of the football/soccer in a bar prior to the concert. The football match was Young Netherlands against Young England. The match was almost over when I went into the bar but I got to see the Netherlands goal to tie it up and the start of the extra time. I did not see the shootout but was happy later to find out the Netherlands won 13 to 12 in the shootout.

Papa Roach in concert was really good but not loud enough for me. The following is a picture I took when I saw Papa Roach in Tilburg some time ago.

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