Saturday, June 23, 2007

Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer in Hoofddrop

I was meeting a friend in Hoofddorp for lunch so rode my bike out to Hoofddrop. Hoofddrop is just on the other side of Schiphol which is the Amsterdam Airport. It took me a little over an hour to get there and I thought that was pretty good even though I am sure I took the long way. It normally takes me close to an hour when going with the train by the time I get to the station wait for the train and then 15 to 20 minutes on the train.

After lunch I went to the Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer in Hoofddrop. I found the part of the museum on the emptying of the Haarlemmermeer/Haarlemmer Lake and building of the ringvaart interesting. The ringvaart is a canal built a few meters above the ground and then the water from the lake was pumped up into the canal. The canal is 62 kilometers long in a ring around the Haarlemmermeer/Haarlemmer Lake. One end is connected to the North Sea and the other to the IJ which is a body of water north of Amsterdam. It took 6 years to build the ring canal.

This picture is of Cruquius which was one of the 3 steam pumps that were used in 1852 to pump the lake dry.

I was surprised on the ride back to Amsterdam for Hoofddrop to see a field of flowers in bloom. I thought it was much to late in the year for flowers in bloom. I guess I only think about fields of tulips in Holland and these are some other sort of flowers.

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