Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I have been lazy for the most part since I have been back in Amsterdam. I have caught up with all the movies that are currently at the theater and have been to one punk concert but that's about it. Today the sun was out for a change so I decided to visit Muiderslot in Muiden.

Following is an attempt to show the route I took on the bike.

I lost my chain at the start of the ride so did most of the ride with greasy hands. I need to remember to take a cloth and soap on future rides.

I went through the small town of Weesp on the way and here is a picture of the windmill in the town.

I rode on to the town of Muiden and to the castle Muiderslot. Here is a picture of the castle.

I spent about an hour and a half walking around and in the castle. The castle also had a few video game type things in the castle and I enjoyed watching some children jousting. There were 2 horses on springs facing each other and a video screen on the floor between them. The kids would bounce up and down and try to point a stick to knock the other kid off. I also tried a couple of the video games to defend the castle. I enjoyed the one where you had to throw big stones down on attackers trying to get in the castle. I was really good but the only problem I was throwing the rocks at everyone not only the attackers so it said I did not do very well.

After all the fun in the castle I rode back to Amsterdam.

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