Friday, May 18, 2007

Sibenik and Around

I am staying in a small town 26 kilometers south of Sibenik called Primosten. I have a view of the old town and water from my room. It is a small town that appears to me to be on an island that is now attached to the land by a small piece of land about 30 feet across.

This is the view from my room and you maybe able to see the road into the old town with water on both side.

I visited the city of Sibenik which seems to be a busy city and at first I was not that impressed but after walking around the old town I have changed my mind. The book talks about the Cathedral of St. Jacob being something worth going out of your way to see and it is nice but I think I have been to too many churches over the years. It is am impressive stone church (The book says the largest all stone) and the face carving around the outside are impressive but I would not call it one of the most impressive churches I have seen.

Cathedral of St. Jacob

The town also has a fort on the top of a hill. Of course I had to walk up too it and it only took me 3 attempts before I found the right way to get in. It was not a bad walk up and it did have a good view over the city and harbor. There seem to be little islands as far as I could see.

View from the fort.

I had not walked through the old town on the way to the fort but on the return I did. I really liked the old town it is a maze of little streets with what seemed like something interesting around every corner. The old town was really interesting and changed my initial feelings of the city.

On the 18th I did a day trip to KRKA National Park. I took the bus to a small town called Skradin and there caught a free boat to the park. The boat goes up a river though a canyon and dropped me off just about at base of a series of waterfalls. This is the first day since I have been traveling that I was a little cold. The wind was really strong today and the boat ride was chilly.

I walked around the waterfalls for awhile and it seemed like water was going every which way but always down and in a rush. The areas was sort of crowed with tourist at least they did not seem to be in as much a rush as the water.

I found a walking path and gave it a try. It was only about 1 kilometer long but seemed to go straight up. The top was another entrance to the park and I was a little disappointed but there where great views about 1/2 way up the path that made the hike worth it.

View from coming down the path.

More later

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