Sunday, May 20, 2007

Zadar and Pag

From Primosten I caught a bus to Zadar. Zadar is a larger city now but use to be a walled city and some of the city wall still remains. Only portions of the wall still remain but in what remains there are a number of gates and some of them have Lions which was the symbol of Venice.

Picture of Gate in Zadar

I was planning on moving on to Pag and there was only one bus that day at 2PM so was a little pressed for time. I rush around trying to seeing everything prior to the bus and think I got most or it in. I enjoyed the lovely park on one side of the city that looking out over the sea to a number of islands. The city had roman ruins within it and a number of impressive looking churches.

I made the bus in time and enjoyed the scenery on the way to Pag island and it was really green along the way until we crossed the bridge to Pag. The landscape had a dramatic changed by going over the bridge. On the mainland it was lush and green but once on Pag it seemed really barren, only a few bushes and tons of rocks.

I said in an earlier post that I was getting to feel special with all the people just waiting to take me home from the bus stations. I seemed to have lost my appeal because no one was waiting for me since Split. I had to go door to door looking for a room. Well it is not as bad as it sounds there are signs with the word "Sobe" which mean that they have a room. I found a room without a problem but it was a little higher that I excepted but if I understood correctly breakfast was included. Not sure if I understood correctly because once again my landlords did not seem to speak any English but talked to me in German. I found myself thinking that I need to learn German which I found funny since that is not the local language.

Pag is both a town name and the name of the island. It is famous for lace and for a type of cheese. I had some of the cheese at dinner and was not impressed. I enjoyed walking around the little town and was impressed with the St Mary's church. I didn't think the Church would be anything special in this little town and may be part of the reason I was impressed but the plaster work on the ceiling impressed me. The plaster work had scenes on them. I think one was of St George slaying a dragon. I don't really know St George from St Nick but I have seen a sculpture somewhere of St George killing a dragon so assume that's what it was. I was also impressed with the marble alters.

Picture of the ceiling.

I finished the day by setting and watch the colors changes over the water as the sun went down. I seem to have a thing for parking lots on this trip since once again I was using one for my viewing pleasure. While I was setting there a guy came up and started fishing next to me and then another guy on the other side of me. Strange to be in between 2 people with them talking away and me not understanding a word but I just set and watched them fish. I was hoping to see them catch something but I may have brought them bad luck since they did not catch anything while I was there. When I did leave I did say good luck and they seemed to understand. While I setting around spoiling the fishing on the other side of the water a group of people in costumes came by. They were singing and playing instruments but I have no idea why. I don't think it was for the tourist because there did not seem to be any around maybe it is just something that they do every Saturday night.

Picture of group of people in Pag.

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