Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Korcula, Hvar, Trogir and Split

May 13-15

On Sunday I rented a bike and did a little bit of riding around. It is not the same as my own bike and for some reason it just never felt right. Maybe it has to do with there are hills here unlike Holland but I think it was more than just that. I did ride a few kilometers to the town of Lumbarda and back to Korcula and then a little on the other side of town. I just was not really enjoying the bike so turned it in early and did something I am good at drinking beer.

Monday was a busy day. Caught the passenger ferry at 6 (To Damn Early) AM going to Hvar. I thought I had loads of time when I got to the ferry but had to buy a ticket on the other side of town. I was really glad it is such a small town it is fun hurring with this big heavy pack. I need to learn to pack light. Luckly I made it without any problem.

I arrived in the town of Hvar on the island of Hvar. Sorry but I do not seem to do any good at describing these towns they sort of all sound the same. Hvar is a small town on a bay with a fort on a hill looking over it. Hvar does have a really large square that runs down to the bay.

On arriving most things seemed to be closed so first thing up to the fort. I was not looking at the ground when walking up so at a fork in the path I went the wrong way and got up to the fort and the door was locked. I had to walk about a 1/4 of the way back down and back up on the correct path. This fort was not bad to reach it did not have stairs but a path with switchbacks up the hill so easier than the other. I also think this was the best fort I have been to so far. Why you may ask? Because this one had a bar inside! The beer was pure pleasure.

Fort over looking Hvar.

I walked around the town after visiting the fort and visited the Catherdal of St Stjepan, walked past the Bendictine Monastery, Gargurovic Palace and Hektorovic Mansion. I enjoyed walking on some of the small streets up from the habor off the main square.

At 4 I caught a bus to Stari Grad which is about 20K away from Hvar town and where most of the ferry leave from. The ferry was a car ferry and much slower than the one in the morning but I enjoyed it a lot more since I could go out on the deck and enjoy the sun and the breeze. Arrived in Split and again someone was waiting with a room for me. I am begining to feel really special all these people standing around and wait for me to come and be their guest.

Tuesday took a day trip to Trogir which is about 30K northwest of Split. It is a town alot like the others that I have been seeing with a lot of Venetien looking building since the towns were ruled for a long time by Vience. Here is a picture that I think shows this somewhat.

I also visited the town fort but this one was not on a hill.

I returned to Split and walked around the Palace the rest of the afternoon and than typing this update.

More later,

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