Thursday, February 11, 2016

Garbanzo Beans

I have not written a post in a dogs age but felt like writing something so this is what it is and then I will go quiet again.

I am currently traveling in Mexico and know what I am eating ever once in awhile but I'm enjoying trying stuff just based on its looks. I was wondering down the main street in Guanajuato and walked past this vendor selling some kind of beans.

I glanced at it in passing and after going another 10 steps turned around and went back to buy some. He did not speak any English and I don't speak any Spanish so I just handed him a 10 pesos coin and pointed at the beans. I think I paid too much but he filled up a bag and motioned to each thing to put on top and I said (see) yes. I think I got vinegar, chilly powder, salt and lime juice on it. He also gave me an extra plastic bag, why I had no clue.

I took one of the beans from the bag and tossed it in my mouth and started chewing. I soon figured out the husk of the bean was not good and I assume the extra bag was to put the husks from the beans. I ended up eating them like I would a sunflower seed. I would put a few in my mouth suck on the topping split them open with my tongue and teeth eat the beans and spit out the outside shell. I thought they were pretty good. This is one whole next to one split open.

A few days later I heard some vendor in a different city say something like Garbanzo and it dawned on me that is what I had eaten. I went to google and typed in "Mexican Street Food Garbanzo Beans" and looked and the images and sure enough that was what they were.

I ate the beans when setting in a Plaza in front of the Templo La Valenciana not a bad view for enjoying my mystery beans.

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