Sunday, February 28, 2016

Eating Guanabana

I am in Morelia, Mexico and have spent some time walking through some local markets and have noticed some fruits that are new to me. I have been lucky here being able to talk to people that will explain to me how you are suppose to eat them and tell me the names names of the fruit. Not sure if I will post about all the fruit I have tried but below are a couple of pictures of the fruit known as a Guanabana in Spanish.

On the wiki page I found on this fruit called it a Soursop and says it is a type of custard apple. I have tried 2 different other types of custard apples in the past.

Below is the first custard apple I tried in Thailand and it looks about the same on the inside but the outside of the fruit is very different looking. I also found the name of Bullock Heart for this custard apple which I think is a pretty great name.

I believe the second type of custard apple that I tried is called a Cherimoya. I bought this is Amsterdam but know that it was imported and saw them in Morocco but for some reason did not buy any when I was there.

All 3 tasted very similar with a strange creamy characteristic that I did not expect from a fruit. I liked all 3 and thank the Guanabana had a slight citrus flavor that I don't recall in the others.

If you have ever tried a custard apple, let me know.

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