Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gac Fruit and Mulberries

This is another of my fruity post. While walking around the Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market I saw this fruit at one of the tables and knew it was something new for me.

It is Gac Fruit or fuk kao in Thai but I only tried the juice from the fruit and not the fruit itself. From the Wikipedia Page it appears that the fruit may be eaten but the stand only seemed to be selling the juice and the one bit in Thai I caught was the fruit is not delicious.

The juice was really good and did not last long at all. I saw the fruit again a week later in Nonthaburi but it was really green and was again told it was not good to eat so did not buy it.

The same stand at the market was selling Mulberries. This is one of those things that I know the word for and just assume that I have had it in the past. I drank some mulberry Raki in Albania but to be honest I am not sure I have ever eaten the berries before so I bought these. They were really sour but now I know I have eaten mulberries.

I am currently really enjoying the fruit in Thailand but it seems the variety is not as varied as I recall and the prices are higher than in the past. I am eating something from my fruity page every day but mostly rose apples, guavas, jack fruit, pineapples and bananas. I need to add a picture of bananas and pineapples to my fruity page when I update it with the gac fruit and mulberries.


  1. Gotta try the Gac when I see it. There's a lot going about it's health benefits. Mulberries I has before and they were really sweet, maybe off season for the batch you had ?

    1. Well if you get to try the Gac fruit I would be really interested to hear what you think about it. You are always going somewhere interesting so am sure you will run into the fruit somewhere.