Sunday, December 23, 2012

Long Train Ride for a Pizza

Not speaking French can make it a bit hard to find information about train schedules. I read in the guide book about a train ride to Dignes les Bains that was described as the pine cone express and it sounded like something I would enjoy.

I could not find any details on the web so just went to the train station and asked. They were helpful in giving me directions to the correct train station and I arrive just 10 minutes before the train was going to depart. Sometimes you just get lucky.

The views from the train of the snow covered mountains was really enjoyable but taking pictures through the glass from a moving train does not offer up the best results.

I only took 2 pictures in Dignes les Bains before my camera battery ran out. The one above and the one of a pizza. I also did not have a long time before having to catch the train back to Nice. I found it sort of funny that I spent a total of 8 hours of travel to eat a pizza but it was a pretty good pizza.


  1. LOL lucky it was a good pizza. I love rail travel so much. I can't wait to do it again, we are going on a Rail Holiday in Europe next year (Switzerland, Italy and then to Romania)

    1. Yea I also love train travel. I look forward to reading about your European trip. I have never been to Romania but would like to at some point. You can also not go wrong with Italy and Switzerland.