Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tourist in Hungarian Countryside

Hitting the road in Hungary and for the first time in over a year and a half I was doing it from behind the wheel of a car. I was a bit nervous about driving in a new country and the fact that the car I rented had these big red dots on it to point out to everyone in the country that I am a tourist did not make me feel any more comfortable.

Even with a few mistakes the driving went really well. I would recommend to anyone that has never been to a place before to not leave the airport without a map. I learned my lesson and got to see a bit of the countryside around Budapest that was not on my agenda prior to stopping and buying a map.

My first day I spent a lot of the time just driving but visited the towns of Esztergom and Visegrad. Esztergom is home to the largest church in Hungary and has a great view out over the Danube.

I did not do a lot in Esztergom other than walk around in the Basilica and enjoy the view of the river from behind the church. I then followed the river back in the direction of Budapest to Visegrad. It was an OK drive but was a little bit stressful keeping an eye out for people on bicycles and the nuts on motorcycles flying down this small road at speeds that scared the piss out of me. While on this bit of road I stopped and had my first Hungarian meal. Delicious!

In Visegrad all I did was visit the castle up on the hill behind the little town. It was not the most impressive castle that I have visited but once again I enjoyed the view of the Danube.

It was a good day in Hungary and I survived my first day behind the wheel and only got lost a few times.


  1. The Danube is very impressive. Wonder why so many churches are yellow. Mom

    1. I did not even notice that the Churches were yellow. I was thinking that most of them were white but maybe my camera gives them a bit of a yellow tint.