Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bangkok Taxis

I am currently on holiday in Thailand and have decided to use Bangkok transport as the theme for the photos I post this week. I may post a few more photos than normal for me since I can step out the door and take a picture with this theme.

Today I have pictures of Bangkok metered taxis. They come in a rainbow of different colors and I think there may be a few colors that are not part of the rainbow.

On my first visit to Bangkok I tried to avoid taking Taxis to get around Bangkok because if you are traveling alone it is one of the more expensive ways to get around. There is also the problem of trying to tell the driver where you want to go. I suggest that if you don’t speak Thai try and have your destination written in the Thai script.

The other thing that I suggest is to try and flag down a taxi that is moving rather than one sitting outside a hotel, tourist attraction or nightlife area. In the places that tourist go to a lot the people waiting for you are a lot of the time waiting to take advantage of you. They will not usually want to use the meter and will want to charge you double or triple what the metered fair will be. The following picture is a bit of an extreme or a taxi not moving but I found it funny.

Now I use metered taxis almost daily when in Bangkok but still enjoy Bangkok’s other transport options.


  1. You haven't been caught in the grid lock yet? A 15 minute trip took us nearly 2 hours, and we got out of the taxi early! The BTS is a great system, cheap too, although it doesn't go everywhere.

    Enjoy your holiday :)

    1. I think it is impossible to not get caught in the gridlock that is Bangkok. I have never got stuck for 2 hours but don't find it at all hard to believe. I did a short post on the BTS for later in the week.