Monday, April 9, 2012

Bangkok Big Tuk Tuk

I thought of this week’s theme after posting a comment on the blog Cooee about her recent trip to Cambodia and how all of the counties in South East Asia seem to have unique types of transportation.

Today I have pictures of a type of Bangkok Tuk Tuk that I don’t think I have seen much outside of Bangkok and for that matter I seem to only see these in some parts of the city.

These are used as a type of Bus on a specific route and it cost 6 baht which is about 20 US cents. I did not seem to get any pictures of people in the Tuk Tuk but I have been in ones with 10 people in the back and that is including me which takes up a lot more space than the normal Thai person. These are not really built for tall people and I seem to sort of crawl my way in and out of them. I have seen a number of smiles/laughter from Thai’s watching me get in or out as well as a bit of fear for their feet.

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  1. The BKK baht buses are a little different from those in Chiang Mai...I've never seen one like this. Probably much cooler than the red, closed in, songtheaws.

    I'm by no means a tall person and I've whacked my head quite a few times getting in and out.

    It would be fun to compile a 'strangest form of transport page'...thus far I'd have to say a camel...but that was more of a ride, not a way to get somewhere.

    Thanks for the mention :)