Saturday, September 10, 2011

Monument Day

They have monument day in Amsterdam once a year and on this day a number of buildings in Amsterdam are open to visitors that are normally closed to the public. It is one of those things I think I should make a point to go and do but I never seem to know about it beforehand and notice the signs on my way to somewhere or going home at about 5 PM on the day that it is happening. Saturday was not much different just that I noticed the sign prior to when the buildings were all going to close. Since I noticed it when I was walking on the Spui and saw the sign on the Oude Lutherse Kerk (Old Lutheran Church). I went inside and took the following picture.

After this I walked over and visited De Krijtberg or St. Franciscus Xaverius Church. All the pictures I took are on my web page. De Krijtberg is a Catholic church and very typical of a catholic church in Europe with an impressive interior.

I also noticed the city was full of Street Organs for some reason. I have no idea if this had anything to do with monument day or not. I am use to seeing street organ once in a while in Amsterdam but usually there are not 5 or 6 on Dam square like there were today.

I put the Dutch word (draaiorgel) for these organs into a translator and it came back with the word hurdy-gurdy. Hurdy-gurdy what a great word, I think I will try and say this word once a day for the next week.

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