Friday, August 5, 2011

Bike Parking Amsterdam South Train Station

I now work out by the airport so ride my bike to the train station and then take a train to the airport and catch a bus to the office. I still find it wild the amount of bikes in Amsterdam. I park my bike at the south train station in Amsterdam in a free underground parking garage for bicycles. This is a picture of the main entrance with the rolling sidewalk.

I always park my bike in row I on the left side on the top row this way I can usually find it pretty easy.

The parking area has rows A through M and I believe about 5 of the rows do not have the double decker type of parking. When you enter on your bike they give you a piece of paper with a number and date on it and attach another with the same information to your bike. You need to give them the piece of paper when you leave and they check it against the one on your bike. It is free to leave your bike here for 24 hours but I have never asked for what it cost to leave it longer. They have signs up that say that if you leave your bike here after a number of days it will be removed.

It was at this station that one of my bikes got stolen but it was parked where I took this picture. This is at ground level and under a bridge for cars and trams. This area does not have the ticket system so the area is not watched and hence it being stolen. I did not lock my bike to anything so really was stolen through my stupidity.

I have a few more pictures here and also some old ones of bikes I have taken over the years. The first picture is the bike that was stolen but it served me well for about 8 years.


  1. I've heard that bicycles are the main mode of transport in Amsterdam...flat ground and all. Apart from only making it as far as inside the Amsterdam airport, we nearly took a trip to visit a neice there, but things just didn't go that way and we ended up in Thailand instead :)

  2. Bikes are everywhere here. I tell people if they visit me that you don't need to look out for the cars or trams but always watch out for the bikes. It has taken me a few years but I ride almost as crazy as the Dutch.

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