Monday, March 7, 2011

Khong Jiam

From Ubon we went to Khong Jiam. It was a bit strange to be the only people on the bus for the last 20 kilometers or so to Khon Jiam but we made it without a problem. Khong Jim is located where the Mun and Mekong rivers meet and Laos is on the other side of the river. After arriving, finding the hotel and getting something to eat we hired a motor bike and headed to Kaeng Tana National Park. The park was not that far from the town and the small falls where very attractive.

After enjoying the park for a while we headed back to the town and stopped at a temple that overlooked the town. This is a really charming little town with the temple up on the hill and the beautiful river behind it.

We left the temple and rode down to the edge of the place where the 2 rivers meet. This place is called in Thai “Nam song sea” which means water with 2 colors. I could never really see the 2 colors of the river but it is supposed to be really apparent at some times of the year. Even without seeing the 2 different colors I enjoyed the view of the rivers and Laos on the other side.

The following day we rode the motorbike to Pha Taem National Park which I believe means cliff painting national park. I did not read the signs correctly so had to walk a lot longer then we really needed to make it to the cliff paintings.

I enjoyed seeing the paintings but for me the scenery in the park was really impressive. I really liked seeing the mushroom shaped rocks.

We spent most of the day in the park before riding the bike back to Khong Jiam. The following morning we caught the bus for the 3 hour ride back to Ubon Ratchathani. I really enjoyed the couple of days in Khong Jiam.

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