Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On the Slow Road

Na and I spent the first weekend when I was in Thailand staying in Pattaya visiting her son Beer. Beer works in Pattaya with his uncle making furniture and only gets one day off on the weekend. We visited a temple and then spent the rest of the day on the beach.

I also spent a lot of time sleeping and trying to get over the jet lag and then traveled in the direction of Panda, Na’s youngest son.

We did not have to rush to get anywhere so we spent one night in Chanthaburi that has a gem market on the weekends but seemed to be sort of dead during the week. The river through town did make it pretty and I enjoyed walking around the town even if there was not a lot to see or do.

We also spend one night in Aranya Prathet where the highlight for me was that the hotel we stayed in had a swimming pool. Aranya Prathet has a border crossing into Cambodia and I used before but never stayed in the town. The last time I came here I had a bit of a surprised and blogged about it in The best made plans.

After the night in Aranya Prathet it was on to Lahan Si but all about Lahan Si in the next entry.

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