Saturday, August 29, 2009

San Francisco

Well I made it through my 3 weeks of trying to learn now I get to enjoy a long weekend in San Francisco. With the books I received from the training and the couple of things I have bought while I have been in California my backpack is heavier than I think it has ever been before. It was not pleasant having to carry it after turning in the rental car and taking the Bart to the center of San Francisco but will only have to make it back to the airport with it and then to my house in Amsterdam so not going to throw anything away like I seemed to be doing on my whole trip for the year I was traveling.

My first impression of San Francisco is wow there are a lot of homeless people here. I just did not expect to see the number of people that appear to be living on the street. I walked from my hotel to the ballpark that the Giants play in and for a lot of the walk it seemed like there was someone living out of a shopping cart every 20 to 30 feet. I did not notice all of them on the walk back after the game so maybe it is just that is was a really warm day so they were out and about enjoying the sunshine. Here is a picture of a street car I took. Sorry no pictures of homeless people.

The Giants were playing the Rockies and it was a fun game to watch. The Rockies tried to make a comeback but the Giants held them off to win.

I have heard people talk about different ballparks and how great some of them are and I do admit some ballparks are nicer than others. I think the game and the crowd make the experience and not the ballpark. Well this ballpark does have one great setting with a view out of the bay and of the bay bridge. I have not seen the goldengate bridge yet but the bay bridge is impressive.

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