Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bassball in the land of Evil

After a week of trying to learn it was the weekend again and time to enjoy myself. I was lazy on Saturday just doing laundry and getting my hair cut. On Sunday it took me awhile to get going but I made it to the ball park a little bit after the start of the game but it seemed like I did not miss much of the action. It felt a bit strange walking into the home of the evil one. Luckily I was wearing my Bronco’s hat to ward off all the evil vibes that surrounded me in the home of the Raiders. It was only a baseball game football gods would not hold it against me if I cheered for the home team. It was fun to watch the game and the As beat the Tigers. I think the beers also helped me enjoy the game but not sure they were really worth the price. Here is a picture of me at the ballpark.

After the game I drove across the Bay bridge and through San Francisco to Highway 1 and the pacific coast. I drove along the coast down to Santa Cruz. I drove south of Santa Cruz last weekend but Sunday I drove the bit of Highway 1 north of Santa Cruz. The weather was not great. It was overcast and a bit cold. I stopped at one point and stepped in the water and it was freezing, no swimming for me.

I have found the weather in California really strange. You drive 30 minutes and there is a huge change in temperature. It had been really warm and sunny in Oakland but it was cold and cloudy when I hit the coast. Here is another picture from the drive down the coast where the sun seemed to come out.

I can’t make out the kites in this picture but there must have been about 10 kite surfers at this point on the coast and just about as many wind surfers. This seems to be the only place I noticed kite surfers and it seemed strange that they would all be grouped together. When I got to Santa Cruz I thought I would go to Natural Bridges State park and watch the sunset. When I got to the park I looked for the sun and it was well over the land. The shoreline at Santa Cruz is facing south so I would not be able to see the sunset over the water which was what I had in mind. I decided I would use the rest of the daylight and drive a different route through the Santa Cruz Mountains back to San Jose. Highway 9 has some really pretty scenery at least what I could see of it as the sun was going down. I stopped at what seemed like the peak of the mountains and took a picture of the sun setting. I don’t think the picture shows the beauty of the rose colored sky with the mountain tops poking through a layer of clouds but I got a sunset that I really enjoyed even if it was nothing like what I was expecting to see.

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  1. Once again I have caught up on my reading of your blog. Still enjoy it and the beautiful pictures. Would think you would know by now that seldom is food or drinks at a ballpark, or places like it, are worth the price. At least that is my opinion.