Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nothing New Here

Well not a lot new with me so this will be a short entry. I have been doing a bit of looking for work and getting settled in my new Apartment. After over a month of calls and appointment I now have internet and TV at home, what a pain. My friend that was storing my stuff has returned from his vacation and I have what he stored for me back. Sort of fun finding out what I thought was important enough to store when I was away.

I have also been going to the movies a lot. They have a subscription thing here where you pay a monthly fee and see as many movies as you want. Without TV at home and scince I am not working I have seen everything I am interested in that is now out at the theater.

I have been out on the bike a few times making some of the rides I use to really enjoy. The one thing is the weather in the place I have visited while traveling has really spoiled me. In Holland if the sun is out for a part of the day it is considered good weather. It does not matter that it is still so cold you have to wear a coat and gloves. I think you should not have to wear a coat and gloves at the end of May. I guess I will adjust and be thankful for the few days that you see the sun here within a few months.

Thanks for the 3 people that are still reading the blog and here is a picture I took while out on the bike yesterday. I was on my way back from Uitdam when I took the picture. I thought it was a really hard ride to Uitdam but once I was off the top of the dike and out of the wind the ride back to Amsterdam was really easy.

If I have anything exciting I will do a new entry but if not I will try and make another by the end of June.

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