Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sugar Beach

From Boracay I made my way to a place called Sugar Beach. It took me a few days to get to Sugar Beach. I caught a tricycle to catch a ferry from the small island of Boracay to the large island of Panay and then caught a bus to Iloilo City on the opposite end of the island. After the ferry there were 2 different busses going to Iloilo city, one via the center of the island and the other down the west coast of the island. I had no idea which one was faster but picked the one down the center of the island. It was about a 5 hour bus ride with some good scenery on the way. I spent that night in Iloilo City and caught a ferry the following day to Bacolod on the island of Negros. Even though it was only a couple of hours on the ferry I decided to spend the night in Bacolod and look around the city a bit. I visited the museum in the town and walked around a bit. This is a picture of the church in the center of town.

I ended up catching a tricycle to the bus station the following morning. The tricycle was a bicycle with a sidecar so a little bit different than anything I have taken before. From the bus station I caught a bus going towards Sipalay. It was a bit of a long ride to the place where the turn off was to go to Sugar beach. I caught a tricycle there which took me to the end of the road and after walking down a beach for about 100 meters I got on a small boat run by children to get across to a small island and then a walk of a couple 100 meters to reach what is called Sugar Beach.

I stayed in the first place I stop at even though the price was a little bit higher than I wanted to pay but was lazy and did not want to walk on down the beach looking for a cheaper place. The tricycle driver to get to the boat had also told me that some of the resorts were full so was happy to be checked in and changed into my swimming suit and jumped in the ocean.

Sugar Beach was a really nice beach and even though there were a few place to stay on the beach and a number of people in the places the beach was pretty much empty. The weather was not so great with a little bit of rain, overcast and a bit cool but nice to have the beach all to myself. I spent my time here just walking on the beach, reading and playing in the ocean.

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